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Hawaiian Landscape
Figure in a Landscape
Synagogue & Ivy
Images d'intimité
Intérieur à Versailles
Sari et Véronèse
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Born on October 8, 1984.  Live and work in Paris.  


After a Master of Art in 2014, David Benayoun wins the Montmorency Prize in 2019. Benayoun mainly paints characters in public or intimate places but also in the nature. The work on light is the link between his different artworks.His oil painting technique is very affirmed and quite original. Its landscapes, sometimes real, sometimes fruit of his imagination or memories of his different travels are quite striking and rich in colors and matter.    


Winner of Montmorency Prize in 2019

"It's in museums that you learn to paint." Winner of the "Prix de la Ville at Montmartre" in Montmorency, David Benayoun put this quote from André Malraux into practice. Studying drawing before turning to painting, the artist opens up on his course and his art.


“I started my career with photo montages but I lacked the physical contact with the canvas and the medium. It led me to drawing and then to painting. I started to learn drawing and painting at the beginning of my final school year, taking classes at the famous workshop of Olivier Bonvin. I could not have approached painting without having technical skills in drawing. I then studied Arts History which allowed me to have a solid foundation in painting and visual creation. I turned to teaching, got my CAPES, then my Master. During these university years , I deepened my plastic practice through readings, visits, ... “


“My painting remains figurative, that is to say that it represents something identifiable. At the base of a painting, there is a kind of impulse, something that will stimulate me. There isn't a predefined method, it's not that linear. Art history is like a library that you have in your head. You pick up here and there what can be used in your work. My paintings from 2014 and 2015 are absolutely realistic. In the other works, there is always a part of verisimilitude which intervenes without it being absolutely realistic. It gives more fluidity in the execution of the paintings. Some paintings form a synthesis between realism and expressionism ".


"Regarding the Prize, it is always a pleasure to to be encouraged. It was my first participation. I retain very fruitful exchanges with the public. When you are in your studio, you need sometime to take a step back to wonder if your art can touch people. Exchanging with other artists also allowed me to discuss a little more about pictorial issues. This is the most beautiful encouragement"


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