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Xavier Deshouières
Xavier Deshoulières
Xavier Deshoulières
Xavier Deshoulières
Xavier Deshoulières
Xavier Deshoulières
Xavier Deshoulières

Born in 1969 in Poitiers

Xavier Deshoulières lives and works in Paris and Palma de Mallorca .

After graduating in 1995 from École des arts décoratifs in Strasbourg, Xavier Deshoulières moves to Cologne for three years in the former studio of Donald Judd across the Rhine.

In 2001, he meets Virgil Voldere, and begins a long collaboration with the gallery, multiplying performances, exhibitions and international fairs in London, Paris, Miami, Mexico City or New York City.

In 2004, he works and exhibits in Beirut, creating numerous paintings on «architectural scars» of the martyred city.

He will then continue this work with some American cities, wich particular urban planning, presents, contrasts and paradoxes in their mutation.

From 2008 he begins to paint impenetrable plant architectures on large formats, and obtained, with one of them, the price Marin in 2010.

Xavier Deshoulières’ paintings are part of museums and private collection such as MOMA in New York, Living tresure Museum of Tokyo, LVMH or the Malca collection and commissioned works such as portraits of Nelson Mandela, Jacques Chirac or Javier Perez de Cuellar.



2019 Peter Zimmermann Gallery,Mannheim,Germany

2017 Galerie Detais, Paris
2016 Peter Zimmermann Gallery Mannheim, Germany

2014 Galerie Detais, Paris

2013 Murmur 4pm, Galerie Julio Gonzalès, Arceuil, France

2011 Virgil de Voldere Gallery, New York, NY
2008 Behind the green door, Virgil de Voldere Gallery, NY

2007 Pure morning, Galerie Augustin Dufrasnes, Bruxelles

2006 Sea view, Virgil de Voldere Gallery, NY

2005 Slam Slingshot project Gallery, NY
2004 En transit, VAART Gallery, Beyrouth, Lebanon

2003 Power powder, Slingshot project Gallery, London

2002 Espace Lhomond, Paris
2001 Galerie Alice, Paris
2001 JSL Gallery, San Francisco
2001 Face to face, Slingshot project Gallery, NY
2001 Galerie Australe, New-Caledonia
2000 Le Salon, Paris
2000 JSL Gallery, San Francisco
2000 Galerie Alice, Paris
1999 Musée vivant de la porcelaine, Bourges, France

1999 Mousson, CNIT La Défense, Paris
1999 Artelier, Marseille
1998 Galerie Mariké, Maisons–laffitte, France
1997 Media Park, Cologne, Germany



2018 Arts Elysées, Galerie Detais,Paris

2018 INCART,Inca, Mallorca, Spain
2018 ART UP Lille,Galerie Detais, France

2017 Beirut Art Fair, Galerie Detais, Lebanon

2016 ART UP Lille, Galerie Detais, France

2016 Spring Break Art Show, NY
2015 Ivres d'Art,Galerie Detais, Paris

2015 International Art Busan, Korea

2015 Art Olympia, Tokyo.Japan
2015 Arts Elysées,Galerie Detais, Paris

2014 Arts Elysées,Galerie Detais, Paris

2013 La Grosse Bertha, Paris

2012 Entre 2 tours, Paris
2010 Prix Antoine Marin, Arcueil, France
2007-2011 SLICK,Galerie Virgil de Voldère, Paris
2006-2011 Art Brussel,Galerie Virgil de Voldère, Belgium
2006-2011 Pulse,Galerie Virgil de Voldère, New York
2006-2011 Art Miami,Galerie Virgil de Voldère, Florida
2009 Monkey Lio, Malca Gallery, New York
2008 ODFNY Lio, Malca Gallery, New York
2007 Sweetness & softness, FIAC Slingshot project, Paris
2005 Art Brussel Galerie Virgil de Voldère, Belgium
2004 Burst, I –20 Gallery, New York
2004 Galerie Bughdan Düsseldorf, Germany
2004 FIAC Gallery Virgil de Voldère, Paris
2004 Groupe CDSA, Bruxelles
2003 FIAC Gallery Virgil de Voldère, Paris
2003 Burst, Slingshot Gallery, New York
2002 7 à voir, Musée de la porcelaine, Bourges, France
2002 FIAC Gallery Slingshot Project, Paris
2000 Le fruit de la rencontre, Musée Raymond Lafarge, Lisle sur Tarn

1999 Club de la presse, Paris
1998 Club de la presse, Strasbourg



2013 Galerie Julio Gonzales, Arcueil
2004 Galerie Vaart, Beyrouth
2003 Fight Club, Marseille
2003 Galerie SlingShot Project, Chelsea-Londres

2002 Espace Lhomond, Paris

2002 Château de Courrance, Courrance

2001 Galerie Slingshot Project, New York

2001 Galerie I.20, Chelsea-New York

2001 Shine Club, New York

2000 Palais des Congrès Forum de la douleur, Paris

2000 Théâtre du rond point des Champs Elysées, Paris

2000 Musée vivant de la porcelaine, Bourges
2000 Espace culturel de la ville, Royan
1999 Espace Laurent Pognante, Marseille
1999 Soirée ART PARIS, Les Bains Douches
1999 Espace Jonquière, Paris
1998 L'art dans la ville, Contrexeville, France
1998 Forum de la douleur, Palais des Congrès, Paris





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