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Virginie Caillet
Virginie Caillet
Solenne 2
sonia 1
Solenne 1
Sonia 4
Mixed Media : Acrylics, pastel, blac
Virginie Caillet
Virginie Caillet


French artist born in 1979. Lives and work in Paris.


Virginie Caillet, Desperately Human

Artists’ studios are unique places, with an aura as special as the person who brings them to life. The artist herself. Who lives there. Who creates there. In pursuit of that “instant” that will reach their audience. Virginie Caillet is no exception to this rule. A Parisian, she was brought up in Geneva and then took herself off to New York, returning in 2004 after she graduated from the famous Parson School of Design. Since then, the bodies – often naked – whose femininity she explores, have been imprinted on our retinas. Virginie Caillet is a friend of The Socialite Family. A spirit whose pathway through life fascinates us with its uniqueness. Frenetically combining photography, painting and drawing, her works capture us, questioning our own emotions. Passion, madness, joy, sensuality… sadness. They are palpable. True. Because they reflect her deepest impulses. Virginie Caillet doesn’t lie. She lives. She transcends what her everyday life and her muses offer her, anchored in reality or belonging to another time, with Egon Schiele foremost in her mind.

Text: Caroline Balvay


2018 - AIR - Group show - Vanessa Virag AD - Paris, France

2017 - Still Life - Group show - Vanessa Virag AD - Paris, France

2016 - New Era - Group show - Vanessa Virag AD - Paris, France

2016 - Four Season Hotel -MSK Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2016 - Inauguration de Blaye Ville-Galerie - le 15 Octobre - France

2015 - New Wave Uncut II - group show, Msk Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia

2014 - New Wave Uncut I - group show, Msk Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2014 - Etats dame - solo show, Msk Eastside Gallery, Moscow, Russia,
2008 - Focus on Children - solo show, Gallery Bailly, Paris, France,
2007 - Body and Soul - solo show, Espace Insurance Saint-Honor, Avenue, Paris, France

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