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Pierre Ziegler
Pierre Ziegler
Ogres vs robots
King Bling
Pierre Zi

"Pierre Ziegler is an exciting French painter who has exhibited his work nationally. Self-taught and passionate about art since childhood, his speaks about magic, alchemy and astronomy in a fascinating combination of colors and symbols. Ziegler seeks to use his vibrant, thoughtful works to question our relationship with our society. 



Pierre Ziegler has drawn since he was old enough to hold a pencil.  Initially leaning towards his first love, Comics, his meeting with the French painter Philippe Pasqua for whom he worked as an assistant for 3 years, resulted in converting him.  At Pasqua’s side, he discovered a universe that was closer to his expectations in which he managed to express himself freely.



Hugely influenced by primal art, graffiti and raw art. Self-taught, he developed his own techniques and uses acrylic as well as ink, pastels, pencil and even collage. Bright colors are intertwined on his canvases with symbols and writing which all contribute to a figurative painting which is both intense and contentious.

« Painting is a universe in which I can fully express myself and be free »



A work of protest

Masks which are among his favorites themes, enables him to treat figurative subject in an offset manner, free and unstructured. His artistic approach questions our relationship with the media, consumerism and poverty and generally denounces the spiritual vacuity of our society.

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