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Aurele Ricard, born in France, lived and worked in Paris, New York and Shanghai. He is well known by his creative sculpture of “Lost Dog”, his giant sculpted bull terriers that reflects the loss of mankind, including human crisis on wars, sex, race, religion and environment. The showcase of His Lost Dog collection was attractive and drew the audiences’ attention worldwide from the unique, charming, and easy to remember Lost Dog, which is always increasing in size. In 2006, his giant bull terrier, “The Yellow Lost Dog” was presented in Grand Palais, Paris, France.

In 2010, Aurele participated in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The theme of the expo, “A Better City, A Better Life” inspired him to work with the theme of sustainable development and “new” environmental technologies used in urban areas, resulting in the creation of a giant dog sculpture covered with a selection of air-filtering plants, called “The Lost Dog CO2”.

He plans to construct “The Lost Dog Museum”, a gigantic art museum containing bull terrier sculpture with the height of 80 meters under the concept of criticizing human society that is obsessed with modern values. His sculpted Lost Dog makes people smile and consider anxiously on current situation with a hope for better change in the next generation.



2019- Bold School - Vanessa Virag A&D, Paris

2018 - Lost Dog Ma - Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok Biennale

2018 - AIR - Vanessa Virag A&D, Paris

2017 - Still Life - Vanessa Virag A&D, Paris

2016 - Warhol / Aurèle, galerie Taglialatella, Paris

2016 - LostDog Blue Dragon, ACN Gallery, Shanghai

2014 - LostDog No more Fukushima, Maison Laurentine.

2014 - No other future but the future, French May Festival, Hong Kong.

2014 - Aurèle by Aurèle, Avenue des Arts Gallery, Hong Kong.

2014 - NapoFever, Galerie Kleber, Paris.

2014 - Pop-up LostDog, Dariel Studio, Shanghai.

2014 - Fukushima mon amour, One Step Gallery, Paris